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zaterdag, 6 april 2013

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Posted: 10:22:26 AM  

Could All The Money In Your Bank Account Disappear?

But we are all covered by deposit insurance, right?

That is what the people of Cyprus thought too.

You don't own your money, it's not 'yours'.
You don't even own YOU ... too ...

get it?

Posted: 10:19:57 AM  

woensdag, 13 februari 2013
Lisa Renee

Just one excerpt:

Some of us are feeling an incredible relief from recent changes that free us up to move and explore in other directions.

Many heavy burdens have been lifted from the past, yet many of us are standing in front of a massive change of "nothingness".

We can feel the "shifting sands" while at the same time there may be a sensation of vast nothingness before you.

This is the process of becoming empty and is not to be feared.

This change includes a deep reCALIBRATION of our bodies which may be intensely physical, mental or emotional.

These changes can be embraced or feared, depending on one's willingness to adapt and will dictate the intensity of the experience we have moving forward.

Posted: 9:34:51 AM  

maandag, 21 januari 2013
Where are we NOW?

Waar zijn we nu? Wat is er nu verandert?

Vlak voor 21 december merkte ik dat ik ging veranderen ..

Er leken dingen onzichtbaar maar heel relaxed te veranderen.
Nu pas vind ik dat ik er over wil schrijven.

English Translation for this blog

Sorry for maybe the 'miss' in words ...

The last month, let's say as , from 21 december, there was also a kind of disappointment. We grew towards that important date , taking into account 25 theories that 'could-happen', perhaps totally misinterpreted things,hopelessly devoted about the joy and becoming the [base "]new age[per thou], but when nothing happened at all, was a big desillusion.

And not..

It was what it was.

Posted: 5:07:45 PM  

vrijdag, 11 januari 2013

But seriously



Posted: 7:42:04 AM  

Are we really ready for the Big Freeze? Cold spell puts councils and airports to the test

After a relatively mild Christmas, temperatures are predicted to plunge to -10C (14F) in some areas with the arrival of freezing air from Scandinavia.

The cold will lead to sleet and snow storms across much of the country with severe night frosts and freezing fog making for treacherous conditions on the roads.

Posted: 7:40:35 AM  

dinsdag, 1 januari 2013
2013 will be the Year of the Water Snake

The last time we had a Water Snake year was 1953.
In 1953 Dwight Eisenhower was president.

The Disney film, Peter Pan was released, the very first James Bond novel was published and the first Playboy issue hit the newsstands.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned and sugar rations ended in Great Britain.

Four million workers in France went on strike to protest austerity measures.

And color TVs made their debut.

Wonder what 2013 will bring?

Happy New Year

On New Year's Day:

It's said to be unlucky to wash your hair on New Year's Day.
While many traditions advise us to thoroughly clean everything before New Year's Eve we are cautioned to not wash our hair on New Year's Day for fear that you will wash away all our good luck.

It is wise to lend nothing and borrow nothing on New Year's Day otherwise you'll be lending and borrowing all year long.

If someone wants to borrow something from you on New Year's day ask if they can wait a day.

If you need to purchase something try to use cash so you're not 'borrowing' money by using a credit card.
What you do on New Year's Day sets the energy for the whole year.

After New Year's Day

Take down your "lucky papers" and store them in a drawer for Chinese New Year.

The number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese Feng Shui because the number sounds like the word for "death".

To avoid the number 4 don't write a two digit year because 13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4).
Instead write 2013 as the number 6 is good for family harmony, prosperity and joy.

Posted: 10:20:06 AM  

Sinkhole belches organic material

The sinkhole was discovered south of La. 70 on Aug. 3.
Since then, as predicted, the sinkhole gradually has increased in size and has released methane, natural gas and crude oil underground.

Posted: 10:12:48 AM  

The New Year big bang: Fantastic 11-minute firework display on the Thames lights up London skyline as Britain welcomes in 2013

Numerology and symbols

Up and down the country, millions of people packed into towns and cities to celebrate 2013 following the astonishing success of 2012.

Posted: 10:03:35 AM  

donderdag, 27 december 2012
Coldplay - Christmas Lights

Chris Martin - through - any of various swallows with squarish or slightly forked tail and long pointed wings; migrate around Martinmas - BIRD on Pianola !

Posted: 10:05:19 AM  

Spell check: People With Power !!

Seven dead, 200,000 people with power in violent US storms

The weather service forecast up to 46 centimetres of snow from New York state up to Maine and warned of freezing rain, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms all the way down to the Carolinas.

Posted: 9:48:19 AM  

1500 farmers stay put as volcano erupts in Nicaragua

"People have not evacuated because we do not want to go and leave the area abandoned," Maria Pereira told AFP on Wednesday.

George: "And then they wonder why they have lava in their living-room .. "

Posted: 9:44:42 AM  

dinsdag, 25 december 2012

The Shift Of The Ages

Posted: 2:24:09 PM  

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