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donderdag 31 januari 2008
Like A Butterfly | Video

'Disability is less of a tragedy than not being understood', he tells us.

This is the story of twenty-three year old Przemek.

Born unable to move or speak, he has been stuck in a wheelchair all his life, and thought by doctors to be mentally impaired until he managed to learn BLISS.
Combining the use of signs with signals such as batting the eyelids or tapping his foot, he has finally found a way to express himself.
This documentary reveals his poignant struggle to make himself heard.

Now an award-winning poet, he recounts his feelings of entrapment and frustration at not being able to communicate with others.

Posted: 11:44:38 PM  


It would appear that most of the World's Teachers, Religions, Gurus and keepers of the hidden Teachings are finally beginning to share their oft-veiled Wisdom more openly - as most seem to be coming to grasp the fact that we truly are 'All One' !

In these profound times, it is becoming crystal clear that - to survive - we must all come together at the top of the Pyramid of Truth ... we must merge into the 'One Ray'.

We all bring our own pieces to the puzzle.

We are sharing what we were given ... to facilitate the Spiritual Evolution of Mankind into the New Age.

The Age of Aquarius - when man will attain a new plane ... and reveal a new, clear Consciousness ... a new way of manifestation ... Man to God Man - our next evolution ... earthbound being - ascending to Spirit !

Posted: 9:39:15 PM  

Kama Sutra: The Art of Love Making | on Articles

Posted: 2:12:39 PM  

Movie for NOW

Lift your consciousness up to higher levels.
Christconsciousness is your birth-given-right.
(pro)Claim it ...
Don't "follow" ... only the voice of your hearts,
for your heart knows The Truth and The Way ...
This video shows you many symbols

Posted: 12:21:15 PM  

T U B E codes - now available - MOVIE DOWNLOADS!

To download a channeled movie from YouTube (finally) go H E R E !

Posted: 12:03:58 PM  

Juli 11, 2007 | On Articles

* Captive Hearts, Captive Minds
* Never Feel Powerless Again
* Dealing With Manipulative People
* The Future History of Planet Earth

Posted: 11:58:34 AM  

Who owns you?


Link to this movie

Posted: 11:43:35 AM  

Daily Motivator

Life returns the favor

When you encounter resistance, it means you are moving forward. When you come across a challenge, it means you have reached the point where you can successfully meet that challenge.

Life becomes more rewarding as it becomes more demanding. You are destined to achieve, and each successive achievement positions you for an even greater, more challenging achievement.

Each new challenge is an opportunity to stretch beyond your previous limits. Most of the advantages you enjoy today were born in the difficulties through which you traveled in days past.

Every day brings a new way for you to more fully give of yourself. It is by so giving, in ways that are familiar and in ways not yet imagined, that you create the life you most sincerely desire.

In everything there is treasure to be found. The richest treasures are those that ask the most of you, for they resonate wholly with your deepest purpose.

Delight in the living beauty of each challenging effort. Give your best to life and life returns the favor, a million times over.

Ralph Marston |

Posted: 8:10:43 AM  

Report: Lilly, govt explore Zyprexa deal

Eli Lilly and Co. and federal prosecutors are exploring a settlement of an investigation into the drugmaker's marketing of its top seller, the anti-psychotic Zyprexa.

Posted: 8:09:10 AM  

Iraq conflict has killed a million Iraqis: survey

More than one million Iraqis have died as a result of the conflict in their country since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, according to research conducted by one of Britain's leading polling groups.

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