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dinsdag, 21 februari 2012
Stark warning emerges from science summit

A STARK theme emerged from an annual scientific get-together in Vancouver: the world must be helped to believe in science again or it could be too late to save our planet.

Posted: 10:11:11 PM  

Satellite captures enormous 90-mile-wide storm that's UNDERWATER

The swirling mass of water - which measures a whopping 93 miles wide - has been spotted off the coast of South Africa by the Terra satellite on December 26.

Posted: 10:06:41 PM  

Melting ice causes chaos on the Danube

The thick ice had closed large parts of Europe's busy waterway as the region faced a record-breaking cold snap, but it has been shifting since Sunday afternoon because of rising temperatures.

Posted: 10:05:28 PM  

Movie for Today

Posted: 7:50:17 AM  

Dutch stem cell hamburger ready to grill this autumn

Post's team at Maastricht University has grown small pieces of muscle about 2cm long, 1cm wide and about a mm thick, the BBC says.

The strips are off-white and will be mixed with blood and artificially grown fat to produce a hamburger by the autumn.

The aim of the research is to develop a more efficient way of producing meat than rearing animals and Post believes synthetic meat could cut the environmental footprint of livestock farming by 60%.

Posted: 7:30:25 AM  

Aggressors to blame for any Hormuz insecurity: IRGC cmdr.

On December 27, 2011, Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi warned that imposing sanctions against the country's energy sector would prompt Tehran to prevent oil cargos from passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

Press TV signals jammed in Europe: Report

Italian viewers said Saturday was the fifth consecutive day of "Press TV signal black-out in Italy."

Posted: 7:24:34 AM  

Ancient plant brought back to life after being buried by squirrels in Siberian permafrost more than 30,000 years ago

There is hope for us ... ;-)

As far a flowering pot plants go, the Silene stenophylla plant sitting in a corner of a Russian laboratory will not win many awards.

The one award it will win, however, is pretty impressive: The most ancient, viable, multi-cellular, living organism on Earth.

Posted: 7:19:47 AM  

Mac on ... tips for saving water

"Ah, Mavis. Councillor Frobisher is here with some useful tips on saving water during the drought..."

Posted: 7:13:01 AM  

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

Mysterious creatures found in Antarctica

Life For Rent

1000 hands

Posted: 7:08:50 AM  

Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau and Enriched Uranium

Prince Friso is currently working as a Chief Financial Officer for a uranium enrichment company called URENCO.
Urenco has their main offices in Stoke Poges, Berkshire, UK, and have plants in the Netherlands, Germany, Capenhurst UK, and New Mexico in the US.
Prince Friso is now taking care of all four plants.

Posted: 7:04:45 AM  

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