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Marina channels one of the Ascended Masters: Ramah.
Ramah is also one of a group that is called 'The Council Of Twelve'
or 'The White Brotherhood'.

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woensdag 17 december 2008
Energy Update:

December 17, 2008

After living-through some rough times, you feel yourself floating, resting, enjoying the peace and love renewed inside you.
But there is more around the corner and it will shake and stirr some more OLD stuff to the surface. Some of you already went through this and some will have a surprise around the corner.

Reliving the old habits, patterns, in the merry-go-round, over and over, as this seems to be hitting hard on you all, again.

Hold on strong to your FAITH, that chip inside you, build-in ... a loving beating drum.

You are just releasing, and JUST it is!
See the merry-go-round in your life; when you've talked it all through, you keep coming back to the same knowledge, again and again.
Because HUman learns slow, it might seem but nothing is further from truth!
Don't you see what you've accomplished, just look back ONE MONTH?!?!
Look back ONE YEAR, like people are doing in december, and see how MUCH you have grown. See also the repetative patterns, those parts of your life which NEEDs .... NOTHING!
Just (JUST) BE is enough.
You are not a DOing but a BEing is still very appropriate for this.

Until then,


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