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maandag, 21 juni 2010
Vale of Pewsey. near Oare Wiltshire - Reported 21st June

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By Lisa Renee

We have been cautioned to NOT send light fields or create vortexes anywhere outside our own personal dominion of space. That means where you are naturally throughout the course of your day.

We suggest that you connect well and communicate gently together and that you refrain from explosive temperaments and the need to control anything at this moment.

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Looks Like UFO Alien Abductees are Right about Our Unfolding Future

Dr. Mack was killed in a carcrash. Interesting article.

The abductees told Dr. Mack that the ETs were sure it was going to happen. So the Aliens started creating a hybrid race for after the eco-collapse.

Posted: 11:18:00 PM  

Average age of girls starting puberty falls below 10

Scientists yesterday spoke of the serious implications for girls' physical and emotional health. There are fears that early puberty could put girls at higher risk of breast cancer and heart disease because of the increased exposure to oestrogen.

Another possible culprit is bisphenol A, a chemical found in the lining of tin cans and babies' feeding bottles. Dr Juul is testing blood and urine samples of the girls in the study to see if a link can be proved.

Maybe they'll invent a vaccine ....
Search that in this site and educate self ...

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Come on in the water's lovely: Basking shark surprises British tourists by venturing to within a few feet of the shore

Gliding gracefully through the shallows just yards offshore this giant of the deep had watchers stunned as it cruised past a British resort.

The normally elusive 12ft-long basking shark dwarfed onlookers at Porthcurno in Cornwall.

The warm weather has been bringing an increasing number of the large sea creatures to British shores and the clear Cornish waters meant a lucky few have had unprecedented views of the placid leviathans.

Posted: 11:04:03 PM  

'Rig worker warned BP about leak in drill safety equipment weeks before disaster... but nothing was done'

A worker on the Deepwater Horizon rig has said he spotted a leak in safety equipment weeks before the explosion which led to millions of barrels of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

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What About ME - trailer and fundraiser for The Movie about ME / CFS

PLS pay it forward ...

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TAROT CARD for today - on channeling

Don't try to create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatsoever experience comes to you, let it happen, and then go on dropping it.

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Daily Motivator

Positive power

You have the power to achieve the best. Allow it.

You have a purpose that comes directly from your authentic essence.
Accept it, acknowledge it, explore it, and allow it to flow into every corner of your world.

Striving and fighting only hold you back.
Now it is time to live every moment with the positive power you know you have.

Now is the time to love and to fulfill the beauty that you know can be. Now you can let authentic life flow.

The problems hold you back only because you see them as problems.
Now it is time to see every circumstance as the opportunity that it is.

Every desire, every hope, every longing is already fulfilled by your possibilities.
Now is the time to live them fully.

Ralph Marston |

Posted: 7:42:49 AM  

Corruption, abuse ... what else will come Into The Light?

Corruption scandal rocks the Vatican

Corruption scandal gripping the Italian government has crept into the Vatican as a senior cardinal and a former minister come under probe for fraud.

Posted: 7:40:01 AM  

Who was that other person who fell out of a window, and the other one, and so on and so forth? ASSASSINATION:

Top male model found dead after falling from apartment window hours before Milan fashion show

Police are investigating the death of a top male model found dead just hours ahead of the start of Milan Men's Fashion Week.

When it IS assassination, it will be called: suicide.

Posted: 7:35:15 AM  

Close encounter with a humpback - video

Wildlife photographer Scott Portelli tells the story behind his photo of this close encounter with a baby humpback whale in Tonga.

Posted: 7:25:16 AM  

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CAREtoon for today

Namaste (we say it, but what does it mean?) :

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