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Marina channels one of the Ascended Masters: Ramah.
Ramah is also one of a group that is called 'The Council Of Twelve'
or 'The White Brotherhood'.

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vrijdag 1 mei 2009
George on the Dutch Events on April 30, QueensDay:

Note from MM: find THAT POSTING if you don't know the event.

A "terrible thing" happened yesterday.
That is what you all make of it, this drama; weren't you supposed to look beyond that?
Looking with eyes WITHOUT judgement? Remember what I said in the first parts of these channelings? "Get a life, you know ZIP, NADA ... NOthing."

Well, to be a "bit" judgemental, here it is:

Dear Mrs. Orange,

You looked so emotional yesterday. You were deeply saddened by the event. You were traumatised.

I couldn't care less. Coz ya know what?

We, the COMMON PEOPLE, on this planet, experience this madness on a daily basis.
By the HAND of ONE MAN.
On a daily basis.
We get traumatised. Severely traumatised.

But that's okay, it's part of the plan, right?

Well, now you know how it feels, a bit maybe, if you're smart, to be on the OTHER side, that side WE are on.

Now you know how it feels when all these emotions runs through your body, your cells.
Now you know how you have to get to the next day trying not to think about what you've been through the other day.
Now you know how hard that is: getting the images out of your brain.
Now you know how hard it is to get rid of the images inprinted in your eyes.

Ofcourse, you experience deaths and other events of emotional nature, but they are mostly covered-up so we won't see you're HUMANness.
Standing above the law while presenting us with the most extreme ones.
Living in your crystal castles, living LIFE. Preventing others to do so.
Making sure that the Royal Blood maintains pure and white (or is that Blue .. maybe it Orange, well, we'll never know for sure)...
Meddling in your families lifes. In OURS. Taking our rights away.
Doing that under the FALSE presumption of Taking Care of US!

But we're not stupid.
We see.
We learn.
We educate ourselves how this world, which you want it to be Yours, the ELITES of this planet (and other planets).

You are doing THAT for hundreds of years now and okay, we're a bit slow, but NOW we SEE!

This is a chance for YOU to choose LOVE. For us as well.
But I assume you will not and implement all kinds of global laws upon us, so you can go along with the PLAN. The MASTERPLAN of ALL times.

Maybe I am wrong, if that is the case, which I doubt, consider this NOT WRITTEN.
When I am right .. well ... maybe it is chance #2 for you to choose LOVE.

And about US, YOU, who is reading my thoughts I want to say: What Would LOVE Do Now?

THINK and THINK hard.

This is a GOOD example of: the mind isn't going to figure this one out!
Learn from the events.

We all choose our lifes and yes, for the humanMIND things can be uncomprehensive at times, the WAY people choose to get of this stinkin' planet, or do I see it too negative now?

Okay, to put it MILDLY, for 'Oh ... your hearts will be stepped-on' (or is that EGO?):

When there is an emotional event, false flag or whatever ... please try to regain consciousness without denying your pain. Things need time. Sometimes a lot of time.

Take that time and take back time.

Now is the time.



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