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donderdag, 29 maart 2012
Spain major unions call for general strike

The strike is expected to disrupt public transportation and major industry in the country and is the first major protest against Rajoy's government, which was elected in November and took office in December.

Posted: 7:34:37 AM  

NASA probe offers new view of Mercury: an alien world right in our back yard

It is radically unlike the other rocky bodies of our solar system - Venus, Mars, Earth, the moon, and the moons of other planets. Its core is too big; its surface too scrunched.

It looks shriveled, like a liposuction patient left with too much skin.
It contains too much iron. Its internal structure - how the planet is built - is confounding.

Its magnetic field is out of whack, asymmetrical.
And its surface is strange, a jagged, ragged landscape of soaring escarpments, snaking faults, half-buried "ghost craters," dead volcanos and mysterious pit-marked "hollows."

Posted: 7:32:55 AM  

Mac on... panic at the petrol pumps

"I don't know why you're panicking so much. We've only got a mower!"

Posted: 7:26:15 AM  

Could swine flu vaccine cause narcolepsy? Scientists probe link between drug and increase in cases

Swine flu vaccine may have been responsible for a sudden increase in cases of narcolepsy among schoolchildren in Finland, a study has found.

Posted: 7:22:06 AM  

Starlings vanish from our gardens as numbers fall by 80% in 25 years

Starling numbers are in decline across northern Europe and they are red-listed as a bird of high conservation concern.

Posted: 7:19:02 AM  

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