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Marina channels one of the Ascended Masters: Ramah.
Ramah is also one of a group that is called 'The Council Of Twelve'
or 'The White Brotherhood'.

Transcripts of these channelings -Ramah's messages to the community-
are published here:

donderdag 16 april 2009
The Multi Dimensional Tales

The Multi Dimensional Tales - Part 4

George is sharing his 'thoughts' with us, and it's FUN:

Okay are you ready?
Here is PART 4 (and I LOVE it!!)


We kick'em, we hit'em, we pick'm, we stick'm and get them real sick-and .... wait till they drop dead.

We gas'em and trash'em, when they bend-over we ars'em; ya know: we can do that coz they have forget ...

We'll get them screaming and moaning, homeless and loaning, upset and componing.

We'll divide'em and hide'em, abduct and provide'm with material they're minds will blow up.

That's how we do it, we have more tricks to prove it and they, well .... they keep on circlin' around.


We get beaten and eaten, fried and heaten, cursed and deleted, overlooked and still we are sleepin' ... ya know: we can do that coz we are the living-dead.

We're frightend and might-end, can't see the light-end, the dna is still dormant and therefor we cannot stand up.

We think we have luck and even though we are stuck, we are happy coz we have that one buck to help us through the day.

We are grateful and hateful, thoughtful and full of thought; we can't have a moment of silence but we will be silenced if we don't watch our steps.

One day we wake up and get ridd of the make-up we have put on our faces to mask who we are.

We love and we smile, are layed-back for a while and remember the silence and that who we are.

This day is a new day, to start in a new way and yes it is I who say: get up and awake from your dream.

For you are the living, you're amongst the giving, and the most receiving one is the one who gives away.

If you cannot stop this, this "us versus them-business", you are just as bad and doing the same.

Now come and let's face it, you can embrace it, it was YOU, and you alone, along the way.


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Karen Bishop's Latest WINGs

April 3, 2009

We are being so lovingly watched over by the angels, until we become very special angels ourselves. Our angels are opening doors for us as well.

So many times we may be confused about something or feel that things are not flowing. But if we look closely, we will see that some doors literally fly open, beckoning us in, while others may shut abruptly or never open in the first place. In this way, it can be a simple process of following the crumbs, of simply going through the open doors, and of simply staying put until a door or invitation beckons us onward.

There is no possibility that we will not be supported on our journey.
No possibility at all. If we choose to pay close attention, we will see that we are being given the keys to the kingdom, in a very magical, loving, and miraculous way. What awesome times we are in!

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