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Marina channels one of the Ascended Masters: Ramah.
Ramah is also one of a group that is called 'The Council Of Twelve'
or 'The White Brotherhood'.

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woensdag 29 april 2009
The Multi Dimensional Tales

The Multi Dimensional Tales - Part 5

George is sharing his 'thoughts' with us, and it's FUN:

Okay, enough with this bulshit, let's talk business here.

This is Part 5 by the way ... (for those with a "counting" personality disorder)

OOOH AAAH, we're gonna die! It's the swines ... the birds ... the cows ... the rats ...

Well, as if you didn't know this already: You still are dead and YES, you're gonna die; do you want to stay on this frigging planet for 200 years?
NO ofcourse not.
You visit, stay here for, let's say a month or two, maybe not even that, 2 years, 80 ... whatever but THEN ya wanna go!
Ya wanna go HOME!!!
Ofcourse ... who wouldn't want that?

After a nice holiday "everybody" wants to go home?
That's why we lay them to "rest" ... in the ground, write RIP on their graves and thats that.

When we are born INTO this space, however, we come here with "much" other plans.
A LOT of other plans!
And then we forget, we chose parents to help us to do that, we call it trauma's instead of ego-losses, we forget to dance in the rain, we get sick of all the "stored emotions", we are imprisoned in the illusion that "I am my body" and "this is reality" .. and so forth ... and so on ...

The Living Dead, THAT is how I call you, I am alive more (now) then I ever was? Okay, I can still remember living on your planet earth, it was nice, a good place to stay and I got a few (years to live) BUT NOW I see what you (and I back then) are doing: You play Dead!


Think about THAT for a while instead of poring all the energy into a subject of FEAR, swineflu ...WHATEVER ... GET A LIFE!!!!

Don't you people have better things to do?!? OTHER things?!!!?

Make love, sing, hug, celebrate, be peace, meditate on the toilet, thank the paper for wiping your ass, thank the maker for making the paper, thank the maker for making your ass ...

Don't be an ASS and take off the mask ... become YOU.



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